New: $17

LCD + Glass screen digitizer assembly for Iphone 5S   


New: $3.35/set

Screws for Iphone 5S

New: $10.19

Replacement Battery for Iphone 5S

New: $8.39

Charging port audio jack flex for Iphone 5S

New: $10.79

Home button touch ID for

Iphone 5S


New: $10.79

Back Camera for iPhone 5S

New: $7.19

Power flex volume grade for Iphone 5S

New: $4.79

Wifi antenna flex connector for Iphone 5S

New: $7.19

Loud speaker for Iphone 5S

New: $2.99--3.35/piece

Replacement inner metal bracket for Iphone 5S

New: $5.39

Internal Ear-speaker

Iphone 5S

New: $9.59

front camera

flex for Iphone 5S

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